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Last year I wanted an iPhone4. I thought I wouldn’t be sad enough to queue and I’d pick one up a few weeks later. That never happened, mainly due to the fact that I rang every morning I was free to be told there was already a queue outside which was longer than the number of phones they had.
Apparently, people were buying them and selling them abroad for a handsome profit in places like Saudi Arabia, hence the big queues every morning and the fact that some were buying more than one!
Anyway, I have got fed up with lumping a heavy laptop around when an iPad would do the job as well, if not better (due to the much better battery life) so I thought I’d get one of the new ones when they came available.
Like with the iPhone, I assumed that people would probably not bother replacing theirs if they got one last year, but on arriving in Birmingham and checking the queue, it was already quite long and growing by the second.
So I have become one of the Sardis queuing and although mainly very boring, it has been somewhat interesting too.
Firstly, the amount of Apple gear some people have must be worth a fortune. The guy in front of me has an iPhone 3GS, an iPhone 4 and is planning on buying two iPad 2’s! What anyone would want with two is beyond me, so perhaps he is buying one for a friend. He also tells me that he queued for the iPhone 4 but was turned away when hey sold out, yet he’s back for more queuing fun!
So far, as well as being fed and watered by the Apple staff with donuts and bottled water, the Birmingham Post and BRMB radio have both been asking for photographs an interviews of my fellow queue members.
Also the mall nazis have been round numerous times already, telling people to move, fold up portable chairs and stand up. Apparently having a chair could be dangerous in such as fast moving line (#sarcasm) and siting on the floor breaches health and safety regulations. Though what regulations it infringes is anyone’s guess! I suspect they are just being jobsworths!
So hours left to queue and to withstand the withering scorn of passers by who obviously think every one of us in insane! The way my backside is already feeling numb, I think they could be right!

With about 2 hours to go, the windows were all blacked out so we couldn’t see inside and as 5 o’clock approached all the staff ran out, around the centre and back in again, cheering, whooping and high five-ing anyone within reach. Then as the whooping continued they tried (and failed) to get a Mexican wave started!
Then when the doors finally opened, I have to admit they were very speedy at serving. It helped we had all been given a card with our choice on it as we queued.


Written by Andy Watt

March 25, 2011 at 11:48 am

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